Winchester Public Library History

The Winchester Women's Civic Club, led by President Geneva Duncan, rallied to raise funds and find books to open the Winchester Public Library in 1985. They worked very hard fora  along time to put it together.

Lorraine Wentworth was the first Librarian of the Winchester Public Library.

The Grand Opening Celebration was on Sunday, September 14, 1986. People came from near and far to view the new Library.

In the photograph we have of the members of the Winchester Women's Civic Club celebrating the Grand Opening, thee people are pictured, Edna Haugan, Linda Clark, Alice Engstrom, Margie Engel, Vi Miller, Dorothy Lalowski, Marge Gardner, Geneva Duncan and Jackie Sell. These are only a few of the many ladies who helped create the Winchester Public Library.

Senator Lloyd Kincaid and Representative Jim Holperin, representing the Wisconsin Legislative Branch were in attendance. Senator Kincaid brought a set of Wisconsin State Statues and eleven years of the Wisconsin Blue Book for the new library.

Other librarians over the years included Barbara Bull, Celia McGinnis, Cindy Guzman, and Betty Forster.

Renovation of the entire 1910 Two Room School / Library Building was completed in 2015.

In 2018, a Celebration of 33 years of serving the Winchester Community was observed by the Winchester Public Library.